Main window and Smart View.
The Smart View provides a quick way to display movie posters and relevant information. Tthe tiles can be reduced or enlarged to show less or more information.s
Use the tiny controls to set a rating, to mark the movies as seen or to mark them as "special" and find them later on.
Main window and List View.
This is a classic view and the best to show many movies at the same time.
On the right you can see a customizable HTML view with all the movie details.
Filter bar.
A Firefox-like filter bar allows to search through your collection with no hassle. Advanced but user friendly queries are also possible.
Just write something and the filter bar will automatically pop up and show any matching movie.
Drag & drop.
Use simple drag & drop operations to edit your movies, export data or just open a Web page about that movie.
Movie editor.
This is where you can set all the information you want. Movie posters, rating, cast, crew, multiple genres, tags, URLs and whatever.
Connect the World.
Movida can be extended using plugins and ships with a useful Internet import wizard.
This plugin will update itself automatically, so you don't have to bother with websites that change their layout every month.
Import preview.
We know that it's often hard to find a movie with a common title, so you can look at the preview window and import only the movies you are looking for.

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