movida is currently a one man project (no wonder there is no stable release yet!) so you won’t have to scroll a long list of names.

Fabrizio Angius

Fabrizio Angius

Role: project lead, webmaster, public relations, coffee relations, beer relations and everything else relations

Current location: Pisa, Italy

About: Website / Blog :: Flickr

…and thanks for all the fish

The development of movida would have been quite harder without the help of the following open source projects. Thanks to all the guys that work (or have worked) on these great libraries!

  • Trolltech’s Qt framework
  • The zlib compression library
  • The libxml2 and libxslt libraries

Last but not least, thanks to all the people that have sent comments, suggestions and bug reports related to both movida and The OSDaB Project. They have been the main reason for not giving up the development even if the time to work on movida was missing.


Currently we are not looking for “full time” help, as the whole source code is too messy to be shared with somebody. Nevertheless, movida needs some contributions. Below is a list of tasks that might need your help. Feel free to contact us if you think you could be of some help or if you have any other question.

  • Design/artwork: movida needs a nice icon set, some Qt user interface stylesheets and some more artwork for the “about” dialog, for a possible splash screen and for this website.
  • If you are running Mac OS X you can help us reporting bugs and any other issues, as we cannot test movida on this platform yet.
  • Code contributions.
    • Cross-platform video file access. This would allow movida to retrieve some basic technical details from a video file or dvd.
    • Import/export routines. The I/O interface still needs some work so this task will have to wait.
  • Translations: we will be looking for translators as soon as a beta version of movida is ready.
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