Movida is still under heavy development.

The current version comes with no support and is meant as a development preview. As such it does not reflect the final product. Features might be broken, incomplete or completely missing.

Here is a quick overview with the main features of movida. A better product description will be available as soon as movida approaches its first public release.

  • Handle all the information you want: title, original title, release year, production year, cast, crew, genres, languages, rating, Internet links and many more.
  • Download missing information from the Internet.
  • Paranoid enough? Password protect your collection.
  • Chose your flavor: movida comes for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Parla Italiano? ¿Habla Español?

    Yes, movida comes in different languages.

  • It’s free (and we are not talking about “free beer”, movida is free as in “free speech”! Ain’t this reason good enough?
      And even more…

      Template based HTML view. Just chose your favorite template or write the best one!
      A new Smart View provides you with relevant and easy to find information.
      Take your collection wherever you want! Movie collections are stored in plain text XML files stuffed in standard zip files. This means you can easily edit your archive even without movida!
      Do you like movie posters? movida definitely does!
      Import/export your collection from/to common file formats.
      Cross referenced data. Have fun finding what movies featuring an actor you can find in your collection.

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