Movida is still under heavy development.

The current version comes with no support and is meant as a development preview. As such it does not reflect the final product. Features might be broken, incomplete or completely missing.


There are currently no binaries. Please stand by.

SVN Repository

If you want to see the latest code you can use the SVN repository by either using a browser and’s ViewVC or a SVN client with the following repository URL:

If you use a the official subversion command-line client (this is a default on most Linux distros) run the following command after moving to an empty directory where the files are going to be dowloaded:

svn co “” .

This will download the files of the movida “trunk” branch into the current directory.

If you have TortoiseSVN on Windows, use the context menu and select “SVN Checkout…” after moving to an empty folder. Then look at the following screenshot for configuration details:

TortoiseSVN configuration

kdesvn users can select the “Subversion > General > Checkout a repository” command and then have a look at the following screenshot:

kdesvn configuration

Note: the code on the SVN server should always build on both Win32 and Linux, but there might be temporary build issues on one of the two platforms. Cross platform build tests are performed as often as possible but not after each single commit, so please bear with us.

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